Before designing anything we were determined to make every piece as earth-friendly as possible. We are still far from perfect, but we have an amazing opportunity to do things right. We keep learning and are committed to creating great clothing with minimal footprint and maximum quality.

All of our products are made with organic certified cotton and water based prints. Producing a single organic cotton t-shirt requires 90% less water than a conventional one, thus conserving over 2000 liters of water for the planet. 

Growing organic cotton saves +46% of CO2 compared to standard methods. It is also grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides, which is great for both the cotton growers and conscious consumers. Organic cotton helps us to achieve an impressive softness and unbeatable texture.

Using organic cotton, water based prints and organic threads is just the beginning. We are working tirelessly to also incorporate recycled materials and we are fully committed to sustainable materials.

BABIA products are certified by Better Cotton Initiative. BCI is a global not-for-profit organization —  and the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. We strongly resonate with BCI´s mission to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

Our tote bags are certified with OCS 100. The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is applied to non-food products, which contain 95-100% organic material. The certification focuses on comprehensive, transparent and  independent evaluation and verification of organic material content. This certification adds traceability and demonstrates a high level of transparency in our sustainability efforts.

We have partnered with local ateliers, creators, designers and photographers to create BABIA Clothing. We have tirelessly searched and secured partnerships with professionals, who share our values and fashion ethics. Partnering with local suppliers allows us to have the rapport, hands on experience and ensure the highest quality for every piece.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that every penny spent on our products, also benefits the local community. We are striving for greatest quality, minimal footprint and maximum benefit for both, the community and conscious consumers. 

Born in León, made in Portugal

To pay tribute to our sustainability efforts, our packaging choices reflect the same commitment. The packaging is all biodegradable, plant based and non toxic. We have partnered with a trusted, carbon negative packaging expert - wastebased. 

We carefully wrap each order in brown Kraft paper to provide extra love and protection to each piece. After receiving your stylish items, you can reuse or dispose the packaging. Use a compostable bin, where the packaging will break down in approximately 6 months leaving no trace.  

For more information on how to effectively dispose the packaging, please visit

Let's begin the journey together, let's change the world.