“Estar en Babia” - a Spanish expression for withdrawing your mind  from the reality and letting it wander freely. Babia is a remote dreamy region in León, Northern Spain. Evergreen valleys, crystal lakes and mountain views so mesmerizing, it has turned into an expression describing your mind being wherever you want it to be. 



Here we are, two friends from León turning Babia inspired dreams into sustainable clothing. We are based in Cascais and Madrid, combining city life with passion for outdoors and purposeful products. Mountains and ocean enthusiasts, we also enjoy urban clean looks for all different escapades-day to night. We encourage to embrace the everyday journey with energy and optimism while being kind to the environment.



At BABIA Clothing we are drawing together local ateliers, artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, surfers, musicians, and many creative spirits alike. They inspire us to bring forward positive change by doing what they love. We acknowledge their contribution to our brand and are committed to support them and give them visibility along the way.



For us, BABIA can be anything or anywhere. It can be an ocean view, a road trip, a long night of sleep, exchange of smiles with a stranger or a memory of your beloved hometown. Anything that makes our minds wander and broaden horizons, oddly enough, resulting in increased admiration of what is surrounding us right now. Sometimes you just have to take a step aside and find joy in the story you are living.


….so #whatsyourbabia?